Adoptions are covered in Chapter 63 of the Florida Statutes, and like divorces, are complex and have limitations on rights of parents and strict time constraints. Adoption law has criminal implications if fraud or abuse is found.  Of key importance is the rights of a unwed father, who must register with the Florida Vital Statistics and provide his contact information to have any rights to be notified of an adoption.  Additionally, the adopting parents must undergo a through investigation and provide due process to all involved so that the rights of the adopted child are protected.  This includes home evaluations, background checks and sworn affidavits.  During the adopting process the biological mother’s rights must also be protected and, to ensure the adoption is final with no possibility of reversal, you must retain an experienced Family Law Attorney who is able to maneuver through the legal constraints.  Attorney Jordan has been intimately involved in the adoption process for many years and successfully argued before the Supreme Court of Florida.   If you or someone you know is considering adoption as an option then please encourage them to call The Jordan Law Group for a free consultation.  It is our hope and desire that we can save a life, protect a mother and make a new family.