Domestic Violence injunctions arise when someone files an affidavit with the Court claiming that they have been victimized by another physically or through real threats and or entrapment.  These matters are taken various seriously by the courts and can result in an emergency injunction that requires the parties to separate until  a full evidentiary is conducted.  Unfortunately, these type of family law cases are subject to abuse and could result in a party losing his Second Amendment rights to bear arms.  They also carry with them the possible criminal conviction of battery. Therefore, it is absolutely important that if you are the victim of domestic violence that you immediately call 911 for protection.  If there is a real or imminent threat the officers will ensure your saftety after which you will be asked whether you want to prosecute the offender.

If you are the one being challenged with a domestic violence injunction, remember that anything you say to the police officer can and will be used against you in any criminal proceeding and that the officer could be called as a witness at the injunction hearing. 

With these admonitions, we urge you to call the Central Florida offices of The Jordan Law Group for legal guidance and that you take all appropriate actions to protect yourself and your family from the perpetrator of domestic violence.