We all have heard the nursing home horror stories.  Suffice it say, medical malpractice and personal injury can invade residential care facilities despite our best efforts to keep our family members safe. We pay for residential care for our parents and loved ones and expect them to be properly cared for.  Nursing home residents are the most vulnerable and can be taken advantage of by unscrupulous staff members or other parties. Mr. Jordan knows this first hand, as he has experienced the mistreatment of his mother in law and is simply intolerant of the mistreatment of our defenseless seniors.  If you or someone you know resides in a nursing home and you suspect mistreatment, abuse, or other problems, contacts us for an analysis of your case.

Moreover, contact the authorities immediately!  Do not delay as evidence in nursing home abuse cases goes stale very quickly.  Witnesses die or move on and are difficult to locate, employees are let go, and documentary evidence is sometimes hard to obtain.   We also encourage you to be proactive and be a regular visitor of your loved ones. Make yourself well known to the staff.  It is a fact that those residents who have frequent visitors are less likely to suffer injury or be victims of malpractice then those who have no one to report to.