In any personal injury claim, the goal of your attorney should always be to recover the most amount of money he/she can for the losses you sustained.  This is because the law can only compensate you in money and cannot restore your broken limb or your health.  We at The Jordan Law Group understand that the recovery of money will allow you the ability to create a new future even if you have permanent injuries.  Therefore, it is our primary objective to work tirelessly for you until we recover the most we can for you and your loved ones.

Our firm has more than 75 years of combined legal experience in all courts in the State of Florida.  To properly prosecute a personal injury claim, the lawyer you select must be ready and capable of taking your case to trial.  The Jordan Law Group does just that and will not hesitate to file suit on your behalf to hold those responsible for your injuries liable.

We know these cases have more than just medical issues to be resolved, but also involve loss of wages, future earnings, and most importantly restoration of spousal relationships and the future costs of coping with the loss.  Family members, such as husband and wife, brothers and sisters and even parents may have the right to recover money in some cases.

Our years of experience and thorough understanding of automobile, insurance and liability laws means that we can exhaust the different sources of recovery available to you and your family. It is important to be properly represented by an attorney with the resources to prosecute your claim to the end, otherwise the well-funded insurance industry will use its immeasurable resources and skilled adjusters to deny you what you are entitled to recover under the law.

To ensure our clients are kept current with the laws governing personal injury claims, we provide legal alerts on our website, and urge you to visit our Website regularly to keep current with any new or threatened legislation that could impact your rights.

Personal injury claims are time sensitive so do not risk your rights by delaying contacting our office and remember, do not speak with an insurance adjuster without an attorney and “Never Settle for Less!”


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